Center for Ecological Culture 
Collaborating with Nature's Wisdom

We Serve Organizations and Communities to Enable Conscious Evolution Guided by Nature's Wisdom    

Our Vision

Thriving, pluralistic communities sustained by a dynamic network of innovative, world-class organizations and leaders sharing a common purpose in the equitable and progressive unfolding of human and transhuman potentials, and realized through a mutual appreciation of values of engaged citizenship, community resilience, and ecological health.

Our Mission 

We build capacity for purposeful, strategic collaboration and ecologically adaptive change, through complementary practices expressing Nature's wisdom in the areas of sustainability education, applied socio-cultural research, and socio-ecological systems design.

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Building resilient and innovative organizations and communities through collaborative and integrative systems design.

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Developing human potential through integrative instruction and curriculum for K-12, post-secondary, and adult learners guided by sustainable values and nature's principles.

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Facilitating adaptive and evolutionary change through disciplined inquiry involving stakeholders in co-creative design, action and reflection

   Latest Updates !!          
  CEC  works in partnership with a number of organizations,          including the following:


As of September 2016, the CEC, in collaboration with Pavement Slave Radio, is pleased to launch a new weekly radio show!  Click the image link below for more information.