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How can we become more resilient and develop potentials that will allow us to thrive and create lasting value in the face of an uncertain future?

Social Network Analysis (SNA):  The knowing organization is one that is able to thrive in today’s information-driven economy by effectively tapping into the hidden potentials and innate intelligence of its professional and social networks.  SNA uses survey and digital modeling tools to map existing formal and informal relationships, roles and communication pathways that determine how information flows in actual, day-to-day organizational life.  Our methodical, technology-supported analysis reveals nodes and relationships that yield insights into evolving network functioning and dynamics.  These insights support better informed decision-making that utilizes the power of both formal and informal social networks in support of organizational goals attainment.

Ecosystem Services Analysis: The concept of natural capital as a basis for assigning value tied to ecosystem functions is an evolving field of study presenting numerous challenges to policy-makers and business leaders alike.   The Ecosystem Services Framework (ESF) provides an important means of evaluating the medium and long term values contained in the structures and functions of ecosystems and needed for economic development and the sustainable provision of human wellbeing.  Maintenance and investment in this natural “infrastructure” provides a means of reducing costs and realizing benefits over the long term, and at multiple levels of scale.  Our ecosystem services analysis provides a decision support and capacity building tool for clients at the organizational and inter-organizational levels.   The analysis may serve as a first step in ecological design of facilities and organizational systems.  It informs client’s efforts to manage long-term risks and improve economic prospects by identifying opportunities for strategic investment in a sustainable future.

Inter-organizational network (ION) facilitation & management:  In the 21st century global economy, revolutionary advancements in communications and data-processing technologies are bringing about unprecedented levels of social, economic, technological and ecological interdependency.  Today, organizational managers must grapple with challenges and opportunities at multiple levels of scale.  Rather than becoming overwhelmed with the scale and complexity of today’s challenges, many emerging leaders are seeing opportunities to build a global economy that is sustainable and finds its strength in diversity.  Using management tools of appreciative inquiry, generative dialogue and social system design, we facilitate the emergence of relationships of trust among strategically aligned organizational partners.  In this way, we support continuous innovation at the network level, contributing to both organizational and societal sustainability.   

Community-based social marketing:  This service provides technical support for both in-house and community-based initiatives to foster sustainable behavior aligned with strategic organizational objectives.  We guide clients in the application of scientifically-validated assessment and behavioral change tools to uncover barriers and benefits that influence daily practices and the emergence of new social norms affecting the sustainability performance of the organization, as well as its customers and stakeholders.

Organizational systems modeling:  This service is well suited to start-ups, emerging networks, and organizations undergoing major transformations, when the realization of shared goals and aspirations may require a “leap forward” that transcends the constraints imposed by existing structures and processes.  We provide a tutorial on social systems design (SSD) and guide our clients through a multi-dimensional, collaborative design process.  Our approach utilizes the innate design intelligence of the group to develop a multi-lens system model providing a high-resolution image of the desired future organizational system, to serve as a planning tool and catalyst for positive change.

Inquiry system design:  This design service provides facilitation, guidance and technical support for organizational leaders who wish to pursue “the art and practice of the learning organization,” a concept popularized by Peter Senge, MIT lecturer and author of the Fifth Discipline, one of the five best selling business books of all time.  We assist organizational leaders within a group context, as they designing strategic interventions to facilitate the emergence of a learning culture within or between their organizations.  Organizational learning builds capacity and organizational resilience by fostering conditions needed to sustain change processes over time.  The learning organization is empowered to better utilize limited professional development resources, cultivate hidden human potentials aligned with business goals, and leverage daily opportunities for strategic innovation and quality improvement.