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How can we embrace change as an opportunity to innovate and achieve business excellence aligned with our espoused values and strategic goals?

Organizational culture assessment:  Edgar Schein, professor emeritus of MIT’s Sloan School of Management describes the term “organizational culture” as follows: 

"a pattern of shared basic assumptions learned by a group as it solved its problems of external adaptation and internal integration, which has worked well enough to be considered valid and, therefore, to be taught to new members as the correct way to perceive, think, and feel in relation to those problems." 

Building on the work of Dr. Schein and other leading thinkers in the field, we undertake organizational culture assessment as part of a managed change process. Utilizing a combination of individual and group interviews, we set the stage for an in-depth exploration of shared underlying assumptions within the group.  This in turn allows for the identification of cultural aids and hindrances that might otherwise go unnoticed.   Participants gain insight into those elements of organizational culture that present opportunities for conscious change that aligns the organization’s daily work-life with its espoused values. 

Consulting:  In this ever changing 21st century knowledge economy, a well-functioning organization assumes the characteristics of a dynamic social system.  Such a system empowers its members to realize shared goals by converting information into knowledge, knowledge into wisdom and wisdom into daily practice.   As consultants, we serve as agents of organizational transformation from within, employing the tools and techniques of the systems thinker to guide leaders in achieving business excellence.  In keeping with our clients’ commitment to the “triple bottom line” we facilitate change management that is guided by well-tested ecological principles and a steadfast commitment to human wellbeing and environmental health.  Our whole system approach avoids the pitfalls of the “quick fix” and achieves real, enduring solutions.  By removing hidden barriers and unleashing hidden human potentials, we help organizations embrace positive change and thrive amidst these uncertain and challenging times.

Socio-technical systems (STS) design:  This design service optimizes both efficiency and quality of work life within knowledge-intensive business settings.  As instructors, facilitators and system analysts we enable such optimization via the Effective Technical and Human Implementation of Computer-based work Systems (ETHICS) approach.   Beginning with a two-day training course for participating management staff and selected work group members, we guide participants to formulate an accurate diagnosis of business problems and human relations needs, and to empower participants in the design and implementation of organizational and technical systems that are well integrated, effective and engaging.