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CEC utilizes ecological design in formulating and periodically updating our educational program offerings.  To make learning accessible to all, we provide workshops targeted to families, lecture series, and weekend classes that cover diverse, topics in sustainability education.  Wherever possible, we utilize an “action-reflection” format and an experiential, hands-on learning approach.  Our instructors are enlisted from within the local communities’ talent pool, and participate in teacher training events to share their learning with other instructors.  In this way, we forge a strong linkage between education and engaged action that empowers us as citizens of our home planet working together to ensure a better future for all.

CEC's Sustainability Education Program

Educational Mission:  Guided by an emerging vision of regenerative culture, CEC provides learners of all ages and vocations with ready access to knowledge and practical skills for sustainable living and realization of their human potentials, accomplished through facilitated multidisciplinary and socially-engaged learning.

Our education program aims to develop competencies in the areas of dialogue, systemic thinking, and collaborative inquiry, thus building learning communities and connecting diverse individuals and organizations with opportunities to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to thrive in this complex and ever-changing world.

Our program embodies an educational philosophy that views learning as a life-long process and that engages the whole person in co-creative adaptation with their physical and social environments.  In keeping with our overall mission to build human capacity for conscious societal evolution, we encourage inter-generational, inter-disciplinary and experiential learning that accommodates diverse student learning styles.  By actively cooperating with local businesses, government agencies, non-profit organizations, schools, and farms, we increase access to practical sustainability education by showcasing the educational values and opportunities existing at sites around the northeast Ohio region.

Current Course Offerings: