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The Center for Ecological Culture offers a variety of services to organizational leaders who seek to optimize effectiveness in the areas of change management and capacity building.  In each of these areas, we support the work of individual leaders or task groups, through customized assessment, consultation and facilitated design.


                                     Change Management                                                                  Capacity Building

Ecological culture in the context of organizational change management and capacity building.

Can you remember a time in your life when you participated in a truly worthwhile project , working as member of a well -functioning team, having all the necessary resources at your disposal within a well-organized and aesthetically pleasing workplace?  

Remember a time when “it all came together” and you knew you were performing at your best, buoyed by a sense of community and common mission?  Perhaps you were a member of a sports team gearing up for the big game, or a well-rehearsed theater crew ready to wow the audience on opening night.  

Each of us at one time or another has experienced moments like these, infused with a sense of higher purpose and accomplishment in community with others.   In these instances, we experience the unfolding of our human potential within a larger, systemic context, supported by a dynamic interplay of people, resources and technology and guided by a clear vision of success anchored in shared values.  

The term “ecological culture” refers to such a whole system framework.  It is an alignment of actions and espoused values that enables us to meet our daily needs while building capacity for the future.  It is a culture that supports and works in harmony with the self-renewing processes of nature.  When an organization is managed with this whole system perspective in mind, it develops structural and functional integrity, the very same qualities we find in healthy ecosystems such as a mature forests or a spring-fed ponds.  Healthy organizations, as healthy ecosystems, exhibit the desirable qualities of resiliency and innovativeness that allow them to thrive and make a positive contribution to a sustainable world, despite the risks and uncertainties of our 21st century global economy.

All CEC services encompass the following distinctive features:

An interdisciplinary and whole system orientation;

Application of scientifically validated tools and methods;

High ethical standards centered on humanistic and sustainable values; 

A participatory framework for knowledge development; 

A dynamic and adaptive approach to service delivery; 

A commitment to social and ecologically responsibility;
Experienced and highly networked staff and associates;  

Intelligent and competent uses of business technology; 

A diversity of services responsive to the multidimensional needs of our clients and community

Summary of benefits derived from CEC’s organizational consulting and design services:

Optimization of quality of work life and business effectiveness.

Increased capacity for responding to changing demands in the marketplace

Development of human potential through empowerment and organizational learning

Increased resiliency at the personal, organizational and community levels

Improved alignment of organizational activities with sustainable values

Identification of barriers to success and opportunities for positive change

Improved access to the power of social and professional networks

Mindful integration of social and technological systems to build organizational knowledge